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How are you looking at life today?  Most of the time our lives have a mixture of challenges and blessings (sometimes the challenges are blessings and the blessings are challenges! Ha!).  I’m pretty sure you are facing some adversity or challenge today.  I bet that in spite of what you are dealing with, you also have some things that you could be thankful for or rejoice over.  It’s really common to let the negatives dominate our thinking and our perception and to forget or not remember the good things in our lives!  For instance, at Living Water, like other churches, we are faced with the struggle of not seeing some of the people we love.  As a result of Covid or the fear of contracting Covid, there are some members and faithful attenders that we haven’t worshipped with physically since March.  When I think of our brothers and sisters in Christ being alone and not engaged in fellowship I get down and I worry about people getting depressed or drifting away from God.  And yet I’m so thankful for our live stream and the ability for our church family to “stay connected” through YouTube or Zoom or in Community Groups during the week.  When I focus only on the negatives I can sure get down in the dumps fast!  It’s so important for us to give thanks and remember all the good things that God has given and that we get to experience and live with.

Some of the things I’m thankful for today:

At the recent Youth Group retreat there were 20 teens in attendance and 2 young men gave their lives to Jesus.  Many of the kids involved in youth group on Wednesday nights are from the community and are moving closer to Jesus!

I’m thankful that the Anchored College Ministry has seen an uptick in attendance.

I’m grateful for the house God provided Elizabeth and I and that we are able to host people every week.  

People have been courteous and patient with each other through the construction process and losing one building. 

Dedicating Charles Hutches, Abigail & Alexander Strutton to the Lord was a special day for our church. 

At our Trunk or Treat our Family Team gave candy out to some 600 kids (which means we had between 1,500 to 2,000 people show up). 

Yesterday we had a group of volunteers who got the playground Astroturf staked down. 

I’m grateful for the Nursery and Children’s Ministry starting up this Fall and being able to serve and bless families. 

Kenny Minnick and friends have brought a lot of hope to the homeless through the provision of physical and spiritual food. 

I’m grateful for all the children involved in Waves Bible Quizzing on Wednesday nights.

We have more Community Groups meeting now than in any time in our history. 

Several folks have volunteered to help with our Video Team. 

I’m thankful for Pastor Luke and Praise team members for making Saturday night services possible. 

The church allowing me to get further education to keep growing as a pastor. 

At a recent staff meeting and Elder Board meeting we recited several people who have been changed since they entered into our church family. 

Having the Deacon Board press on and faithfully serve in spite of the loss of a couple of key members. 

There are a lot of new families and singles coming to our worship services and are getting plugged in. 

Seeing Max and Claire get baptized made my heart soar! 

I’m grateful for the home-school groups using our facilities and for the very active nature of our Mothers of Preschoolers Group. 

Our financial giving has been the greatest in the 44 year history of this church. 

I’ve heard that the Teen Bible Study on Sunday mornings has had some great attendance. 

We’ve seen very few people in our congregation catch the Covid-19 virus and those who did have recovered. 

Despite all the Covid craziness we’ve been able as a Mission Team to move forward on a greater partnership with Scott & Jennifer Esposito in Nicaragua; hopefully in the coming year we will be able to start sending teams to the region.    

The Community and Christian Education Building construction is under budget and ahead of schedule. We met our first year fundraising goal.  The workers have been safe. 

Our church hasn’t let politics or masks divide us, but we remain focused on Jesus and fulfilling his mission. 

Maybe today you need to pause and make a list of all that’s good in your life?

Here’s some of the other things happening at Living Water in the coming weeks…


Operation Christmas Child is once again going to bless lots of kids and families around the world with practical gifts and the good news of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your participation!  If you are still wanting to get a box we have more in our outer lobby.  If you have finished your box please return it this weekend to the church office and we’ll make sure it gets taken to the collection site.


For a number of years we had some wooden crosses in front of our lobby. The wood was untreated however and after a recent storm one of the crosses fell over as it was rotted at the base. This week Sean Messersmith and John Harr installed some metal crosses.  Thanks Sean for the donation of the crosses and to John Harr for the use of your backhoe!   Over the coming weeks our parking lot will see some changes and these historical symbols will be remind people of the how our salvation was achieved.

image002 7


Watch “Courageous” on the big screen! 6:30 p.m. Friday November 13th, here at the church.  We would like to offer more childcare so if you are already in our system and would like to serve, we’d love to have you!  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 588-0121 with questions or to RSVP for childcare. 

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Help get the word out! There is a free Thanksgiving meal for college students and young adults Tuesday, November 17th at 90 Monterey Avenue at 5:30 p.m. Contact Forrest at 970-462-5925





Just a reminder that everyone is encouraged to wear masks.  If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home.  It’s ok to not shake hands or hug and to physical distance to stop the spread of viruses. 

THANKSGIVING DINNER Thursday, November 26 at 1:00 p.m.

If you are in a situation where you can’t connect with family or friends please come and have thanksgiving dinner here at the church.  We’ll provide the Turkey and Dressing.  You bring a dish to share: Whatever you can bring will be appreciated.  If you can’t bring anything, just bring yourself!  Everyone is encouraged to wear a mask and be wise in your interactions.  Please RSVP to Leeann Smith at 580-9366.  All

Items needed if you want to donate to the meal; Please drop off at church office or make arrangements (589-6351 or 580-9366). 


6-Jiffy Cornbread mix

4-Bunches of celery

6-Large cans of cream of chicken soup

6-Large chicken broth


Celery Seed

1-Bag onions

6-Stuffing Bread (not Stovetop mix)

Poultry Seasoning



John Clark accepted his nomination and election by his fellow Deacons to be Living Water’s Deacon Board Chairman.  If you know John this is an ideal role for him.  Please pray for John as it is a large responsibility.  Church members, as your Deacons reach out to you to check up on you, please encourage them with your response or acknowledgement of their communication.  They have a charge to pray for you as well as be there for you / advocate for you in your time of need.  If you are a church member and you don’t know who your Deacon is, please contact John at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 832-725-0616. 

HYMN SING NOVEMBER 29 at 6:00 p.m.


Starting next week contractors will be working in our parking lot to prepare the ground for paving.  After some initial dirt work / site prep there will be installation of curb and gutters probably by the end of next week (Nov 12 or 13).  After that work is completed there will be a determination made given weather conditions to pave in late November or wait till Spring / Summer.  If the parking lot is inaccessible please park on the street or in the Seventh-Day Adventist lot to the East of our church building. 

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Every year we take a special offering at Living Water in recognition of Jesus’ arrival (advent). The proceeds of this offering will go to the SLV Life Center (this organization helps women in crisis pregnancies and resourcing new moms and helping the family – formerly known as the Women’s Resource Center), La Puente Homeless Shelter (provides shelter and food for homeless in our community), and Living Water International (drills and repairs wells around the world so that people can have clean water to drink). There will be special Advent Offering envelopes available in the church office if you want to participate.


On Saturday, December 5 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. the Women’s Ministry will be hosting the annual Christmas Tea.  Please RSVP to the church office (589-6351) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Deacon Board has placed a large wooden box in the Fellowship Hall for the reception of non-perishable food items (no foods that can rot or spoil).  We are no longer offering a non-perishable food bank here at the church building but the Deacons will transfer all donated items to the Food Bank Network of the San Luis Valley (513 6th St, Alamosa) for distribution. 

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for serving the Lord!
Pastor Jeron

Jeron Parkins

Senior Pastor