Time & Place

Sundays at 10:45 am
Sprung Building


Parent Check In/Out


Becky McGee

What is LilyPad!

Age 3 through 1st grade are invited to "hop into worship" by spending time in a large group for worship and an age-appropriate Bible lesson, then into smaller groups to talk about the Bible story and pray together.

Located in the Sprung Building.

Children must be 3 by June 1st and potty trained.

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Mission Statement

To partner with parents and support families in reaching children and helping them become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

To Supplement the family and partner with parents

The Kidsplash program is not a substitute for the family, because the Bible teaches that the parents should have the primary responsibility for their kids spiritual upbringing. The program will partner with parents in providing child-targeted worship and fellowship. It will also provide resources to encourage and help parents with their God-given responsibility.

in reaching children 

Following Jesus's command in Matthew 28, we want children to understand and respond positively to the Gospel. We want children to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior: friend forever.

and helping them become devoted followers of Jesus Christ 

Following Jesus 's command in Matthew 28, we want to make disciples out of the children who attend our program. A disciple, or a fully devoted follower, is someone who worships and loves God, has a genuine interest in reading and applying the Bible, desires to pray and be in fellowship with other believers, and has a passion to tell others about Jesus.

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What are our values?

High Impact (Christ-centered) - Lives will be changed for Jesus. Children will understand the importance of accepting Christ as their Savior and growing in a personal relationship with Him. Our highest priority is modeling Christ's love to children.

High Safety - The program will be 100% physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe. This means we place a high priority on child security and volunteer training.

High Energy (Child-targeted) - The program will be a fun and exciting place where kids want to be each Sunday. It will promote outreach because they will be excited to bring their friends to church.

High Engagement (Relational and Applicable) - The program will include small group time, which will allow kids to discuss and process what they learn and how to apply the Bible to their lives. Small group will provide fellowship, accountability, and prayer.

High Involvement - The program/curriculum will partner with and equip parents for continued learning throughout the program.

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Check In/Out Information

When bringing children to Waves, the adult responsible for each child is asked to fill in the necessary information on the sign in sheet provided. All children will be given a name tag and tag for their belongings. The name tags provide us with very important information such as food allergies, and special needs. When you arrive to pick up your child, make sure you gather all of their belongings.


Volunteer Information

Parents are encouraged to participate in the caring and teaching of our children. Our church takes large strides to make certain that our children are revered in the way Jesus intended, that coming to church is a happy occasion. We have a screening procedure for all people who have regular contact with our children. These procedures include criminal background checks and reference checks. Please contact Rosemary Bertin at 719-588-6304 or email if you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions/concerns.

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